How To Thursday - Chocolate Wedding Favours.

Posted by Darren Dunne on April 10, 2014

How To Thursday brings you Do it Yourself Advice for Your Wedding Day


This week is How to Make Your Own Chocolate Wedding Favours.


Edible treats make for the best wedding favours. Even if your guests have eaten too much cake, they will still have room for these delicious homemade Chocolate Wedding Favours.


If you'd like to make your own Chocolate Wedding Favours here is what you need – 

- a microwave or double boiler
- several bowls and spoons
- chocolate moulds (plastic or metal)
- moulding chocolate
- small pouches or boxes
- ribbon and message cards


First find a chocolate that you feel suits your wedding theme. You can find these in confectionery and baking stores or websites like ebay, amazon or try cakescookiesandcarftshop.

Once have your mould a know what you want your favours to look like, and then you can start the best part, melting your chocolate. You can use chocolate chips or broken up chunks of chocolate, either way, use caution during melting because chocolate can scorch easily and that doesn't make for delicious wedding favours. Melt the chocolate in small batches in a microwave safe bowl in your microwave. You can also use a double boiler to melt the chocolate slowly over hot water.

Now pour the melted chocolate into your moulds. Don't overfill them because the chocolate will harden on the mould and this can make removing your chocolates a little difficult.

Make sure the chocolate is filling all of the crevices. If not, give the mould a soft few taps and that should solve the problem and remove all the air bubbles in the chocolate.

Place your filled moulds into the fridge and allow the chocolate to harden. When the chocolates are solid you can remove them from the moulds by gently trying to pop them out.

Now you can express your inner creativity and package your chocolate favours. You can purchase ribbon, drawstring pouches, tiny boxes, or other packaging at any good craft shops. Place one to three of the wedding favours inside the box or pouch. Tie ribbon around the box or to the pouch and why not add personalized tag to each one just in case your friends and family forget whose wedding they are at.

Make sure you keep the filled packages in a fridge to prevent your lovey new chocolates from melting before the big day.


Bonus Tip!

Why not try using different chocolate types like milk, dark and white. You can even add a small drop of food colouring to white chocolate to make it match your wedding theme.

And why not use some modelling sticks form a craft shop to make fantastic little wedding themed chocolate lollipops.

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