Creative Ideas & Inspirations - Wedding Cakes

Posted by Darren Dunne on August 21, 2014

Wedding Cakes

Wedding Cake ideas to inspire you to get creative with your wedding day.

We just had to share with you some of our favorite fun, creative and outside-the-box ideas for wedding cakes. From the classic cream to breakfast treats, ice cream cakes to donut cakes and macaroons towers to rice krispy squares, any of your favorite sweet treat’s can be turned into a wedding cake. So why not take a look at some of these great ideas and let them spark your imagination.

Creampuff Cake

Cupcake Tower

Ice-Cream Cone Cake

Donut Cake

Cookie Tower Cake

Oreo Cookie Cake

Cheese Cake ...Cake

Chocolate Brownie Cake

Crepe Cake

Waffle Cake

Strawberry Cake

Rice Krispie Cake

Macaroon's Tower Cake

Mini Wedding Cakes

Nude Wedding Cake

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