Creative Ideas & Inspirations - Autumn Wedding

Posted by Darren Dunne on September 11, 2014

Autumn Weddings

Autumn inspired ideas to help you get creative with your wedding day

Summer and winter are traditionally the most popular seasons to get married, but we’re about to make a bold statement here – Autumn is probably the most beautiful…

With nature’s rich and vibrant colour palette, dramatic changing scenery and dark romantic evenings, there’s no better time to tie the knot than in the autumn months. So to help you plan that perfect seasonal wedding, we’re looking at everything from the wedding dress to the flower arrangements to spark your imagination.

The Dress

The changing seasons means changing temperatures and the desire to cover up in a long sleeved wedding dress. Channel rustic romantic in a lace bridal gown or something textured with ruffles and layers galore.

The Flowers

Rich and ripened hues of amber, orange and ox blood make an alluring colour scheme and look warm and charming within a bouquet.

The Bridesmaids

We love idea of dressing your maids in different, yet complementing autumn shades.

The Décor

From pumpkin decorations to little leafy centrepieces, opportunities are endless when it comes to creating nature inspired wedding décor.

The Cake

Hint to the new season with a leaf decorated cake or an ombre dessert using suitably autumnal shades.

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