Why Wedding Photography Is So Important

Posted by Rachel Donnelly on August 19, 2013

If you’re set to get married soon and are in the process of planning for the big day, here’s a tip that might save you from some sadness further down the road; don’t go cheap on the photography if you can help it. It turns out that spending too little on photography is one of the biggest regrets brides have after their wedding, while spending too much rarely causes remorse.

For a wedding issue that will soon be hitting newsstands, New York Magazine created an infographic titled “What They Would Have Done Differently.” The magazine asked one hundred recent brides about what they’d do differently if they could go back in time. Surprisingly over 20% of brides say they wished they had spent more on wedding photography.

As well as documenting your wedding ceremony, wedding photos also give you the opportunity to capture the fun side of your day, all while looking your very best and happiest. When you look back at your wedding album in years to come, you want photos that will make you smile and reminisce not only of your "I dos," and the formalities of the day, but also of the silly, light-hearted, and shared moments spent with family and friends. Many couples perhaps don’t think of this while they are busy planning their wedding, but it’s definitely worth keeping in mind. 

Although your wedding may be one of the most special occasions of your life, don’t forget that it only lasts for a day, and unfortunately nobody can remember every little detail. Spend wisely on your photographer and get the shots that you want. Also, make sure that each of your guests has the Snappy Ever After app installed on their phone to help you document every special moment of your day!

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