Tips For Planning Your Honeymoon

Posted by Rachel Donnelly on July 18, 2013

With your wedding planning underway it’s time to turn your attention to your ultimate holiday, your honeymoon. Maybe you’ve been dreaming of walking along a beautiful sunkissed sandy beach in the Caribbean, or you’re looking forward to an action packed adventure. Now is your chance to make like a celebrity and have that dream holiday! So here are some tips for planning the perfect newlywed trip.

You get what you pay for. You’re so excited to plan your honeymoon and spend some well earned relaxation time with your new husband or wife. But don’t book the first deal just because it’s cheap. There’s a reason it could be so cheap. You could be travelling during rainy/hurricane season or the hotel could be undergoing renovations. Make sure you do some research before you book. 

Be different! When people think of honeymoons they almost always think of the beach. Maybe it’s not your thing but your new partner loves the sun. Compromise on a destination that will make you both happy. Have some fun in the sun, but also perhaps plan a few activities such as wine tasting, scuba diving or maybe a hot air balloon ride. There’s plenty of choice to suit you both!

Time is money. Don't fly halfway around the world if you have only have a limited amount of days for your honeymoon. Do your best with the time you have. If it’s limited maybe you might be best off holidaying closer to home, or maybe even delaying your honeymoon until you have more time. 

Review panic. Try not to obsess over travel reviews. If someone complained about the air conditioning a year ago and no one has mentioned it since, assume it has been fixed. If many people have the same complaint over and over, assume it is a valid issue. Try not to get hung up on small issues. You could miss out on staying in some great places if you take every review literally. They always say you can’t please everyone, and that’s certainly the case with travel reviews!

The To Do List. Never wait until the last minute to book your honeymoon. But also, don’t book too many activities in advance either. You’ll be under a tight schedule up until your wedding, and this is a very draining and exhausting time. On your honeymoon you may well just want to relax and not take part in many activities. Book a couple of things to do, but don’t fill your days just in case!

Legal Stuff. This is very important: Do not book your honeymoon with your married name. Make sure that all travel reservations match your legal documents that you will have when you are travelling. You will not have documentation that includes you married name unless you decide to delay your honeymoon for a number of weeks afterwards.

Home Sweet Hotel. The best part of travelling is having new experiences! Be open to this and don't expect things to be "just like home." Try different types of food and drinks or stay in a hotel that isn’t a typical “you” hotel. Your honeymoon will most likely be the greatest holiday of your life, so get as much as you can out of it.

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