Thinking Outside The Formal Box

Posted by Rachel Donnelly on August 07, 2012

Traditional wedding pictures taken by a professional photographer usually include posed shots with the bride, groom and wedding party. Try adding some humour to your wedding album with fun pictures that capture the excitement of your wedding day and the personalities of the couple and the wedding party. 

If you’re tired of seeing the same old formal photos, it’s time to set up some photo opportunities, and create one of a kind photos that will be uniquely your own. It’s important to work with your photographer in advance, and brainstorm some fun wedding picture ideas that you can execute on your big day. It would be a good idea to collect some photos of other wedding shots that you like, and show them to the photographer (and your guests) so they can help you create an interesting selection of both traditional and candid shots.

Here are some ideas for informal funny shots:

  • Instead of lining everyone up for stiff poses in front of the altar, take shots that are more informal – don’t tell the group when photos are being taken and the photo will appear more natural.
  • Perhaps the groomsmen could cheekily pose with the bridesmaids.
  • The wedding party could act disgusted at the bride and groom kissing.
  • The groomsmen could pose with the bride lying across their arms.
  • Use the environment – if there is a pool, park, landmark, bar, concert venue (or anything else you could use to your advantage) nearby, then use it! Play pool or karaoke at a bar, use the swings or slide at a playground, air guitar to your favourite band, or sip cocktails by a pool.
  • Pretend to hitchhike to your own wedding – stand at the side of a road, with your thumbs out as if waiting for a lift.
  • If there is a bus shelter nearby, it may look amusing for the groom and groomsmen to take a quick photo in it to look like they are waiting for the bus to the church.
  • A play-fight for the bride’s bouquet or garter.
  • A pretend foodfight at the reception.
  • The bride and groom could be pictured with packs of mints or chewing gum before a kiss.
  • Capture guest interaction at the reception when the music starts up – the perfect moment to catch your grandmother dancing to “YMCA”!
  • Bring some props – wigs, jewellery, glasses, fake moustaches – whatever takes your fancy. These items are bound to create some interesting pictures!
  • Remember to photograph children too – their expressions and reactions can make for some cute and funny photos.
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