The Weird and Wonderful World of Weddings - Strange Wedding Facts

Posted by Rachel Donnelly on May 31, 2013

Weddings aren't always about white dresses, blubbering bridesmaids and drunken antics. Here are some of the more unusual wedding facts. 

  • In 1976, Los Angeles secretary Jannene Swift officially married a 50lb rock. The ceremony was witnessed by more than 20 people.
  • In Egypt, women will pinch the bride for good luck. 
  • Every day 26,000 couples are married in China. 
  • According to English folklore, Saturday is the most unlucky day of the week to be married; however, it is also the most popular. 
  • In Bali, part of the wedding ceremony consists of the bride holding a cloth in front of the groom, who then strikes it with a dagger. 
  • In Anglo Saxon times, a man could divorce his wife on the grounds that she was too passionate. 
  • Impotence is grounds for divorce in 24 states in the US. 
  • The Penan nomads, who live on the island of Borneo, maintain that women do not have a soul until their wedding day. 
  • Pets can be ‘married’ in a ceremony that costs approximately €100 and includes a certificate, a cake, and a minister who unites the animal couple. 
  • In Montana, even if neither the bride or groom shows up to the ceremony, the couple can still be married. Representatives recite the vows and sign the marriage license on behalf of the couple.
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