New Wedding Trend - Ring Tattoos

Posted by Rachel Donnelly on August 13, 2012

It’s an age old tradition that the bride and groom exchange rings at a their ceremony to symbolise their love for each other, but now it seems as though rings are out and ring tattoos are in.

Ex X-Factor contestant Katie Waissel announced her engagement to model Brad Alphonso recently and tweeted a picture of their hands with a heart tattooed on their ring fingers. The tattoo trend is also being followed by tennis star Kim Clijsters, who revealed her ring tattoo at Wimbledon. Similarly, actress Billie Piper has her husband's name tattooed on her ring finger.

So why the sudden disinterest in wedding rings? More expensive, yes. The possiblilty of losing it, yes. But they are pain free!

While ring tattoos may seem like a good idea, and a much cheaper alternative to a traditional ring (with no chance of ever losing it!), they could potentially turn into a fad that will look quite unfashionable in years to come. Also, don't forget that tattoos are permanent, so think before you ink!

Bold fashion statement or bad idea - what do you think?


Katie Waissel and Brad Alphonso's ring tattoos 

- photo via Steven Stone Jewellers

Kim Clijsters sports a "B" on her ring finger for her husband Brian Lynch

- photo via tennisforum

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