Lost and Found: Wedding jewellery found on beach after two days

Posted by Rachel Donnelly on July 30, 2013

A mother-of-two has amazingly found both her wedding and engagement rings two days after losing them on a crowded beach.   

Laura Curry thought she had seen the last of her rings after she left them on busy Poldhu Cove; one of the largest beaches on the Lizard peninsula in Cornwall. However, after making a desperate plea for a metal detector on Facebook, she was able to return to the beach and search for them. 

Laura, from Millbrook in Cornwall, took the rings off (worth £3000) and put them into an inside pocket of a beach tent before putting sun cream on her children. She believes the rings were lost when she shook sand out of the tent before leaving to go home. It wasn’t until four hours later at a party with friends when she realised the rings were missing. She rummaged through the car and the beach tent, but there was no sign of the rings. Later she drove back to the beach and spent 40 minutes searching in vain. 

'I had to tearfully return home to Millbrook and explain to my husband that I'd lost them. 'He was understandably irritated with me,' she said. Adding to her anguish was the fact the rings were particularly meaningful; Laura helped to design her engagement ring, and a friend made the wedding band. 

In a last-ditch effort, and without much hope, Laura and her husband Paul put a post on Facebook asking for the loan or hire of a metal detector. The couple were given two metal detectors, but were not able to return to the beach until two days later and Laura was sure all hope of finding the rings was gone. After several hours of searching, Laura was stunned to see her wedding ring sticking out of the sand. After another hour of looking, and with help from other families on the beach, Paul found Laura’s engagement ring. 

Laura was shocked at how lucky she was to find not one but both of her rings, and said: 'It's incredible really that they were there two days later. Anybody could have picked them up from the sand or the tide and waves could have swept them away or even totally buried them. 'It's a fantastic result.'

Laura with her wedding and engagement rings

 - Image via Daily Mail

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