How To Make Your Wedding Fun

Posted by Rachel Donnelly on July 31, 2012

Sometime during the wedding planning, frazzled, and lost in colour charts and seating plans, you might just forget who exactly you’re planning the wedding for. Remember, your wedding is your big day, and that the day should reflect you and your partner’s personalities and interests. You’ll want to remember your day the way you wanted it to be, and not just a day of formalities, etiquette, and stiffly posed photos. 

You’ll want your wedding to be fun, and enjoyed not just by you, but by your family and friends as well. So, here’s a list of interesting and quirky entertainment ideas you may consider adding to help make your wedding one of the most fun and memorable yet! 

  1. Put disposable cameras on the reception tables, with small baskets of props nearby eg: moustaches, lips, glasses, and invite guests to use them and take silly photos.
  2. Magician – Great for holding the attention of children, and a good way to break the ice and get people talking at the beginning of the reception.

  3. Karaoke – Always a popular choice after a few drinks!

  4. Dance lesson – Hire an instructor to teach your guests a few moves before having a long night of dancing.

  5. Hire an ice cream van and serve everyone a cone!

  6. A balloon artist is a great way to keep children entertained.

  7. Hire an arcade gaming machine, or set up a Nintendo Wii or Xbox Kinect to dance or play bowling.

  8. Set up a mini casino station for the James Bond wannabes!

  9. Hire an artist to do caricatures or silhouettes of your guests.

  10. A candy bar – for those with a sweet tooth.

  11. Cocktail mixing – Perhaps a member of the bar staff at the reception venue could show the guests how to mix their own cocktails.

  12. The bride and groom could choreograph a dance routine for their first dance.

  13. Hire a photo booth – preferably one that supports video too, so guests can record messages and take pictures of themselves in silly poses for the couple.

  14. Think of some games that could be played at individual tables – for example “Guess The Person”. Everyone gets a card with a famous person’s name on it that they are not allowed look it. They must stick the card to their forehead and get help from others to guess their person.

  15. Have some paper and pencils/crayons for kids to keep them entertained.

  16. Leave a blank journal or notepaper and pens in the reception area, so guests can write messages, advice, or memories about the couple for the bride and groom.
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