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Posted by Rachel Donnelly on September 04, 2012

Your wedding day is filled with many once in a lifetime moments, so it’s important that your wedding photographer has an “eye for the moment” in order to capture the events of the day as they unfold. He or she should create a collection of unposed and unexpected candids that reflect events and moments throughout your entire day. When viewed together as a whole, these shots should give an interesting representation of not just what you did, but also of what everyone else was up to! These pictures fill in the moments you might have missed, and create a picture perfect story of your big day. 

However, not even the world’s best photographer can be in every place at once, and therefore many moments may be missed and go undocumented. But fortunately, help is at hand. 

Ensuring that your guests have SnappyEverAfter installed on their smart phone will help give you piece of mind. While you’re busy being married, your guests will be busy helping you create the perfect wedding photo album with a simple and fun pocket sized app. And with SnappyEverAfter, there’s no need for developing photos and messing about with USB cables, so your gallery will be ready when you are. It’s fun, fast photography. Perfect! 

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About SnappyEverAfter

Snappy Ever After is a photo sharing app for your wedding. It allows you to create a fun collection of ‘unmissable’ wedding moments with a little help from your friends, their mobile phones and your own Snappy Ever After app.

Snappy Ever After is available for iPhone and Android. It can be personalised to match your wedding theme. Sign up for free and find out more!