Snappy Ever After and your Wedding Day

Posted by Rachel Donnelly on February 20, 2014

The dress, the cake, the guests, the food, the entertainment...the list is endless! There’s so much to plan for a wedding, but the most important part of all is remembering everything once the big day is over. Photography plays a vital part in any wedding ceremony, and capturing the perfect set of memories is of the utmost importance to the couple. Usually the bride and groom are so busy that they’ll end up missing a large part of their own celebration, and this is where family and friends can step in and help to create a comprehensive wedding gallery for the couple to treasure long after the event is over. 

Photography is a hugely important aspect of any occasion, not just weddings. Everyone loves to look at photographs, and everyone wants to remember their day, no matter what occasion it happens to be. Photography is the medium through which memories live on, and no event is complete unless it’s thoroughly documented through pictures. In the case of weddings, it is important to have a professional photographer on hand to take the formal “posed” shots, however, it is the spontaneous candids that can often be the more memorable photos, and can really make the day for the bride and groom. These are the photos from behind the scenes, the unplanned, impromptu, but often well timed shots that will have the couple and guests still giggling for years to come. 

So, it’s important for guests to help the couple. Many will bring their own camera. Others may use a simple disposable camera. Some may just have their phone. But during a wedding ceremony, everyone is a photographer. Any shot could contain a precious moment worth treasuring forever. Equipment is not an issue here, and photography transcends the barrier of expense. Any camera or camera-bearing device has the potential to capture a perfect picture or fill in a missed moment. Through collective photography, guests can amass a photographic timeline representing all parts of the day, from many different angles and viewpoints, and make sure that the couple doesn’t miss any moment of their big day.

For wedding memories and laughter choose Snappy Ever After.

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About SnappyEverAfter

Snappy Ever After is a photo sharing app for your wedding. It allows you to create a fun collection of ‘unmissable’ wedding moments with a little help from your friends, their mobile phones and your own Snappy Ever After app.

Snappy Ever After is available for iPhone and Android. It can be personalised to match your wedding theme. Sign up for free and find out more!