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Wedding Tip Wednesday

Posted by Darren Dunne in How To Wedding Tip Wednesday on May 28, 2014

It's #WeddingWednesday and that means we are going to give some helpful tips on planning your Wedding.  

This weeks Wedding Wednesday is What to Do if it Rains on Your Wedding Day.

You will be prepared for so many different aspects of your wedding day, down to the finest details, but weather is unreliable, not even the most organised of brides can predict what the weather is going to be like and most just hope for the best on their wedding day. But you shouldn’t let the rain spoil your wedding day, have a backup plan for if it does rain and you won’t have to worry about those gloomy looking grey clouds on your special day. So here are some tips to ensure you are prepared for the rain, just in case.

1. Always have a Plan B. Many brides and grooms dream of an outdoor wedding, but if you should always consider an indoor or sheltered alternative to avoid disappoint should the worst come to the worst. You should also make consideration for transport, perhaps the short walk to the venue from the ceremony will not seem so short in bad weather conditions.

2. Take extra care with your hair. Rain is terrible for your hair, even the most coiffed and hair-sprayed of manes.Talk to your hairstylist about making your style as secure as possible for your wedding day and ask them to show your mum or bridesmaid how to recover it if it starts to look a little windswept or frizzy.This may involve emergency supplies of hairspray, and hair straighteners close to hand.

3. Wear the right shoes. Don’t risk ruining your gorgeous wedding shoes on the way to the ceremony, having them splashed with water or mud and making yourself conscious of them for the rest of the day.Consider taking a pair of wellington boots which can even add a really fun look to your photos if the heavens open. And why not have a matching umbrella with those wellies to make sure your stay dry from head to toe.

4. What about your guests? It’s not only yourself you have to worry about if the weather is wet on your wedding day.Think about your guests and how are they going to keep warm and dry. Provide umbrellas for your soggy guests, that way your guests stay dry but this way you can choose the color of the umbrellas and make sure they match your wedding theme.

5. Enjoy Your Day. The very best advice is to ensure that you keep things in perspective and enjoy the day as a whole. Whether you are met with showers and storms or glorious sunshine on your wedding day, your day will be perfect no matter what, so long as you’re in the right mindset. It’s also worth knowing that a rainy wedding day is actually considered lucky in some cultures. Plus every time it rains after your big day, it will be a nice reminder of the happiest day of your life.


Wedding Tip Wednesday

Posted by Darren Dunne in Quick Tip Wedding Tip Wednesday on April 09, 2014

It's #WeddingWednesday and that means we are going to give some helpful tips on planning your Wedding. 

5 tips on choosing your Wedding Cake. 

No Wedding is complete without a Wedding Cake. It is one of the most important peices of your wedding, with a large chunk of the typical evening traditions and cereomny centered around it, cutting the cake is one of the first things you do together as a newly wed couple so it should reflect that importance. But also it can make a statement as a centerpiece at your Wedding, about how you feel about each other, with your added flare for style, or the dramatic.  

So, how do you make sure that you get the perfect cake for your wedding? We have five tips to help you pick your perfect wedding cake.

1. Get Inspired 

Browse websites, blogs and magazines for pictures of wedding cakes you like. Gather them all upinto one album on Facebook or Pinterest and pick what type of cake you suits what you. Then talk to cakes makers for further inspiration and see what he/she comes up with. Which brings us to...

2. The Cake Maker

When it comes to choosing your baker or wedding cake designer, don’t just go for the first one you find online. Browse their website to see if their style suits yours and ask friends and family who may have used their services or online forums to find out if they are reputable. Arrange to meet with them and get taste samples of your cake and make sure they can make a cake to the right size to cover all your guests.

3. Options  

Explore your options, Wedding cake no longer means boring fruit sponges covered in white icing. You can have any colour, shape or flavour you like. You could also go for somethign non-traditional such as cupcakes, macaroon towers or even crepe cakes to consider.

4. Transport

Plan how your wedding cake is going to arrive at your wedding reception venue on the day. Therefore, don’t book a cake designer who lives hours away. Make sure you know whether he/she can transport the cake to you on the day, or if it needs to be collected personally and if so have it transported safely. You don't want to have spent a large amount of budget on a cake to have it fall apart in the back of someones car.

5. Budget 

Possibly the main concern when it comes to planning your weddding cake. Bare in mind that with your wedding cake, you really are getting what you pay for. A bigger budget will afford you a more professional design, more expensive ingredients and the opportunity to go bigger. However don't settle on the first price you are given, shop around and get different prices but without comprising the qaulity. 

Now that you have those quick tips you should be well prepared to go out an start searching for your perfect Wedding Cake.


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