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Target's Gay Friendly Wedding Ad

Posted by Rachel Donnelly in News on August 02, 2012

US retailer Target has been praised for advertising featuring a gay couple in one of their new wedding adverts.

The ad, highlighting the company’s wedding gift registry service, shows a male couple holding hands, with taglines saying “That’s Love” and “Be Yourself. Together.”

Target has had something of a controversial record on gay rights, and in recent years was the subject of protests by gay rights activists. Last year, an exclusive deal between Target and Lady Gaga over the sales of her album, Born this Way, broke down over the company’s perceived anti-gay stance.

However, this year the company seems to be trying hard to mend relations with the gay community. Last month, it began selling greetings cards for gay couples and in May, the store began selling t-shirts with gay Pride logos.

We think this new wedding ad campaign is a great step forward and will go a long way in helping mend ties with the gay community.

- photo via Fashionist


$158,000 Dog Wedding

Posted by Rachel Donnelly in News Strange on July 18, 2012

A new world record was set last week when two dogs tied the knot to benefit the Humane Society of New York at a high-society canine wedding. Approximately 250 people and 50 dogs attended the nuptials of a Coton de Tuléar named Baby Hope Diamond and her groom, a formerly stray poodle called Chilly Pasternak. A Guinness Book of World Records adjudicator was on hand to certify that the event, which used around $158,000 in donated luxury goods and services, including $30,000 worth of fuschia orchids and $5,000 worth of sushi, was the most expensive pet wedding ever.

-photo via bornrich


"Gunman" Demands Paris Hilton's Hand in Marriage!

Posted by Rachel Donnelly in Celebrity News News Strange on July 11, 2012

When people find themselves in a police stand-off, they usually demand a large pile of cash, a getaway car or a plane ticket, but a North Carolina man clearly had other things on his mind.

61 year-old Fredrick Denney caused an unspecified disturbance at a Hampton Inn hotel in Belmont, NC over the weekend before barricading himself into a hotel room and refusing to cooperate with police.

He then lied to the police about possessing a gun and refused to leave the room until certain demands were met.

His list?

A stuffed crust pizza.

And Paris Hilton as his bride.

A tense stand-off then ensued, and dragged on for several hours before Denny was finally pepper-sprayed and taken into custody. He was later taken to hospital for a mental evaluation, and his bond was set at $90,000. He now faces charges for public intoxication and disorderly behaviour.

What a strange world we live in!

It is unclear as to whether Denny's demands were met...


The Test Of Time

Posted by Rachel Donnelly in Facts News on July 09, 2012

Meet Herbert and Zelmyra Fisher of North Carolina. They've been married for 86 years and hold the Guinness World Record for the longest marriage of a living couple. Zelmyra is 101 years old and Herbert is 104.  They have 5 children, 10 grandchildren, 9 great-grandchildren, and even 1 great-great grandchild!

After 86 years, they still live in the home where they raised their five children, sleep in different bedrooms, and love each other all the same.

A heartwarming story of true love!


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