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How To Personalise Your Wedding

Posted by Rachel Donnelly in How To Ideas and Inspiration on May 13, 2013

Instead of letting a wedding planner or catering consultant turn your wedding into another cookie cutter event, use your imagination and make your wedding a day to remember. Here are a few examples of areas you can add a personal touch to: 

You don’t have to use traditional formal invitations. What about using a cool origami style invite? Or try using coloured paper instead of traditional white. Calligraphy can look great instead of engraving, or if you have nice handwriting, a personal touch would certainly be appreciated by your guests. Did you fall in love while on vacation? How about printing the invitation on a postcard from the site of your meeting? Your favourite "couple" photo can also be a great choice for wedding invitations. It could also be the start of a tradition, with babies, anniversaries and other milestones marked by your own family photos.

Choose interesting music for your day. Yes, "Here Comes the Bride" is traditional but also very cliché. Pick songs that have real meaning for you both.

Instead of just calling a number of catering companies and trying to secure the best deal you can, why not call your favourite restaurant and see if they can provide your wedding food? It doesn't have to be a dinner. An early brunch after a morning ceremony, a light lunch, or an intimate dinner after a small private ceremony can be great opportunity to enjoy the food you love best. Do you love Italian or Indian food? Want a 100% vegan menu? The choice is yours.

Wedding Cake
The wedding cake is generally one of the highlights of the day, but it does not need to be tiered or even white! Use your imagination and design how you would like your cake to look. It can be any shape, size, colour or configuration. It can can be covered with real flowers, or even seashells made of icing. Let your imagination run wild!

Consider a dress of a different shape, length or colour to a traditional wedding dress! Your wedding doesn’t have to be a formal affair – have you considered asking your guests to come in fancy dress or even have casual dress wedding? Many of your guests might thank you for not having to buy expensive clothes for your wedding!

Themed Wedding
Consider a themed wedding. It is a perfect opportunity to incorporate your personalities and passions into your special day. Whether your dream is to be married on a beach on a simple sundress, have a glamorous old Hollywood affair, or even dress like a superhero, then go for it! The day is yours and the possibilities are endless!

Some couples love to include their children in their wedding, but others prefer to include their pets! Make your furry friend a part of your wedding, and be sure they get to dress up too. A custom collar to match your wedding theme could be a great way to get your pet involved in your big day.


Popular Wedding Music

Posted by Rachel Donnelly in Ideas and Inspiration on February 15, 2013

Your wedding will be one of the most memorable days of your life. To ensure a fun day enjoyed by all, a collection of great wedding music is a must. Creating a good wedding playlist is not just about picking your favourite songs. You should choose music that will build and maintain a particular energy level throughout the event, but also suit the taste of those involved. Think about the demographics of the crowd who will be dancing. Try not to scandalise your older relatives, but keep your choices somewhat contemporary also for younger guests. Often a mix of classic oldies, modern pop songs, and some fun cheesy tunes are a good option that most people will enjoy. The most important thing, however, is to choose music that reflects your personal story or the overall feeling or atmosphere you want to convey at your ceremony. 

Here is a mix of wedding music you may like to use at your wedding: 

  1. Just The Way You Are – Bruno Mars
  2. Marry Me – Train
  3. A Moment Like This – Kelly Clarkson
  4. A Thousand Years – Christina Perry
  5. At Last – Etta James 
  6. Can’t Help Falling in Love – Elvis Presley 
  7. I’m Yours – Jason Mraz
  8. Thank You – Dido
  9. I Don’t Want To Miss A Thing - Aerosmith
  10. Everything – Michael Buble
  11. You’ve Got the Love – Florence& the Machine
  12. You and Me – Dave Matthews Band 
  13. I Loved Her First – Heartland 
  14. I Won’t Give Up – Jason Mraz
  15. Paradise– Coldplay
  16. Just a Kiss – Lady Antebellum
  17. Can’t Smile Without You – Barry Manilow
  18. Halo – Beyonce
  19. Wonderful World – Louis Armstrong 
  20. More Than A Feeling –Boston
  21. She – Elvis Costello
  22. The Way You Look Tonight – Frank Sinatra 
  23. Can You Fell The Love Tonight – Elton John
  24. Eternal Flame – The Bangles
  25. Underneath It All – No Doubt
  26. Crazy In Love – Beyonce
  27. The Wind Beneath My Wings – Bette Midler
  28. We Belong Together – Mariah Carey
  29. Just Called To Say I Love You – Stevie Wonder
  30. A Moment Like This – Kelly Clarkson



1. Chicken Dance 
2. Electric Slide 
3. Macarena 
4. YMCA 
5. Cotton Eye Joe


How To Have A Small Private Wedding

Posted by Rachel Donnelly in How To Ideas and Inspiration on January 29, 2013

A traditional wedding is generally considered to be a grand celebration of expense and people. However, the idea of a big white wedding is not for everyone, and ultimately is the choice of the couple whether to have a lavish affair or a simple private ceremony with family and close friends. Small weddings can make a lot of sense, especially if there is a budgetary constraint. Here are a few steps to think about when planning a small private wedding: 

  1. It’s your day and therefore your decision. Tell your family and friends you want a small private wedding and that you will not change your plans to suit others. Be firm about your decision and don’t let others change your mind. 
  1. Set an amount you are willing to spend on your wedding and reception. Create a budget that will keep you within your means. This will essentially determine how many people can be at your wedding and may perhaps help to save hurt feelings. 
  1. Allow those helping you to organise your wedding to create a guest list. From this you can choose who you would like to have at your ceremony, and then plan an informal reception at a later date for those who did not get to attend. Honesty is the best policy here; if you don’t know or like a particular suggestion, and don’t want them at your wedding, it’s best if you speak up now to avoid further problems later on. 
  1. Choose a wedding location appropriate for smaller gatherings. Consider perhaps a boutique hotel, private gardens or public parks, a beach, museum, scenic location, or somewhere that holds fond memories for you.

  2. If your budget allows perhaps you could consider a themed wedding or even marrying abroad and inviting just a few select guests.

  3. Design your menu to suit your guests. Large wedding parties require a menu designed to please everyone, but when your guests are a small number of well known family and friends, you can use this opportunity to serve a menu of their collective favourites.

  4. With fewer people present, there’s more opportunity for social interaction. Don’t forget your wedding does not need to be formal! Let your family and friends say a few words if they like, and express their feelings at the event. It will help to create a relaxing atmosphere that everyone will enjoy and remember.

  5. Involve each family member in the day’s events if possible. It will make the day more enjoyable and people will be glad they got to participate and celebrate with you.
  6. Avoid the hassle of telling everyone before your big day. That way you won’t hurt the feelings of those who were not invited. When you return from your honeymoon you can break the news and celebrate with everyone by throwing a big reception party.



Why Destination Weddings Make Sense

Posted by Rachel Donnelly in Ideas and Inspiration on January 22, 2013

There are a number of reasons why couples might prefer to have a destination wedding over a traditional “at home” ceremony. The couple can spend more time together, consolidate the ceremony and honeymoon to save money, and personalise their wedding experience with a destination that best suits their personalities. Destination weddings are also a great option for those who would like a casual wedding (a beach wedding, for example), and also smaller and more private weddings with a guest list of just a few family members and close friends. Here are some reasons why you should consider a destination wedding: 

1. Save Money
An average wedding costs approximately $25,000 (€20,000). While the destination you choose for your wedding will obviously impact your budget, the cost of a destination wedding will almost always be lower that a traditional at home wedding. Many resorts will offer custom or preset wedding packages that will suit a wide range of budgets. Again, the price of these packages will vary depending on the country the couple decides to choose.  

2. Make the Day Last Longer
A huge amount of time, preparation, and money are involved in planning a wedding that lasts just one day. Often the bride and groom are so busy that the day is over before they even know it. By booking a destination wedding you will guarantee that your celebration will last longer and be more enjoyable. The couple and their guests can arrive in the country a few days before the ceremony, relax, take in the sights, and make preparations for the big day. After the ceremony is over, there is still time for everyone to relax and enjoy themselves before making the trip home. 

3. Personalise
If the couple has a laid back approach to life and a formal event is not their style, then a destination wedding could be a perfect choice. They can choose the type of destination to suit their personality, whether it is at the top of a mountain or on a tropical beach. Perhaps they can pick a location where they met, or somewhere they visited before that has special meaning to them. Either way, a destination wedding is one the couple and guests are not likely to forget! 

4. Consolidate
Another great cost saving measure for the couple is to be married in the same location as they would like their honeymoon. Not only will this cut out the large cost of celebrating in two different places, but there will be no additional travel involved. The couple can relax from the first day abroad, rather than worrying about packing bags and catching flights right after the ceremony. 

5. Spend Time with the Right People
Every couple that celebrates their vows at home will no doubt have people at their ceremony that they do not personally know. Who to invite to a wedding is a very stressful thing especially when money is involved and people’s feelings are at stake. Destination weddings are a great choice for those who prefer a more private ceremony with fewer guests, and so the couple will have only the people they really want to celebrate with there. Some people may not be able to make it, and unfortunately this is a reality for most couples. However, a simple at home reception could be held for those that could not make it, and also provides an opportunity to gather with other close friends and family to celebrate.

6. Multifunctional
Destination weddings are a great choice for those that are getting married for a second time, or those who would like to renew their vows. As these couples may have already experienced a traditional church wedding in the past, it may be nice to try something new.


How To Make Your Wedding Fun

Posted by Rachel Donnelly in DIY How To Ideas and Inspiration on July 31, 2012

Sometime during the wedding planning, frazzled, and lost in colour charts and seating plans, you might just forget who exactly you’re planning the wedding for. Remember, your wedding is your big day, and that the day should reflect you and your partner’s personalities and interests. You’ll want to remember your day the way you wanted it to be, and not just a day of formalities, etiquette, and stiffly posed photos. 

You’ll want your wedding to be fun, and enjoyed not just by you, but by your family and friends as well. So, here’s a list of interesting and quirky entertainment ideas you may consider adding to help make your wedding one of the most fun and memorable yet! 

  1. Put disposable cameras on the reception tables, with small baskets of props nearby eg: moustaches, lips, glasses, and invite guests to use them and take silly photos.
  2. Magician – Great for holding the attention of children, and a good way to break the ice and get people talking at the beginning of the reception.

  3. Karaoke – Always a popular choice after a few drinks!

  4. Dance lesson – Hire an instructor to teach your guests a few moves before having a long night of dancing.

  5. Hire an ice cream van and serve everyone a cone!

  6. A balloon artist is a great way to keep children entertained.

  7. Hire an arcade gaming machine, or set up a Nintendo Wii or Xbox Kinect to dance or play bowling.

  8. Set up a mini casino station for the James Bond wannabes!

  9. Hire an artist to do caricatures or silhouettes of your guests.

  10. A candy bar – for those with a sweet tooth.

  11. Cocktail mixing – Perhaps a member of the bar staff at the reception venue could show the guests how to mix their own cocktails.

  12. The bride and groom could choreograph a dance routine for their first dance.

  13. Hire a photo booth – preferably one that supports video too, so guests can record messages and take pictures of themselves in silly poses for the couple.

  14. Think of some games that could be played at individual tables – for example “Guess The Person”. Everyone gets a card with a famous person’s name on it that they are not allowed look it. They must stick the card to their forehead and get help from others to guess their person.

  15. Have some paper and pencils/crayons for kids to keep them entertained.

  16. Leave a blank journal or notepaper and pens in the reception area, so guests can write messages, advice, or memories about the couple for the bride and groom.


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