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Creative Ideas & Inspirations - Autumn Wedding

Posted by Darren Dunne in Ideas and Inspiration on September 11, 2014

Autumn Weddings

Autumn inspired ideas to help you get creative with your wedding day

Summer and winter are traditionally the most popular seasons to get married, but we’re about to make a bold statement here – Autumn is probably the most beautiful…

With nature’s rich and vibrant colour palette, dramatic changing scenery and dark romantic evenings, there’s no better time to tie the knot than in the autumn months. So to help you plan that perfect seasonal wedding, we’re looking at everything from the wedding dress to the flower arrangements to spark your imagination.

The Dress

The changing seasons means changing temperatures and the desire to cover up in a long sleeved wedding dress. Channel rustic romantic in a lace bridal gown or something textured with ruffles and layers galore.

The Flowers

Rich and ripened hues of amber, orange and ox blood make an alluring colour scheme and look warm and charming within a bouquet.

The Bridesmaids

We love idea of dressing your maids in different, yet complementing autumn shades.

The Décor

From pumpkin decorations to little leafy centrepieces, opportunities are endless when it comes to creating nature inspired wedding décor.

The Cake

Hint to the new season with a leaf decorated cake or an ombre dessert using suitably autumnal shades.


Creative Ideas & Inspirations - Wedding Cakes

Posted by Darren Dunne in Ideas and Inspiration on August 21, 2014

Wedding Cakes

Wedding Cake ideas to inspire you to get creative with your wedding day.

We just had to share with you some of our favorite fun, creative and outside-the-box ideas for wedding cakes. From the classic cream to breakfast treats, ice cream cakes to donut cakes and macaroons towers to rice krispy squares, any of your favorite sweet treat’s can be turned into a wedding cake. So why not take a look at some of these great ideas and let them spark your imagination.

Creampuff Cake

Cupcake Tower

Ice-Cream Cone Cake

Donut Cake

Cookie Tower Cake

Oreo Cookie Cake

Cheese Cake ...Cake

Chocolate Brownie Cake

Crepe Cake

Waffle Cake

Strawberry Cake

Rice Krispie Cake

Macaroon's Tower Cake

Mini Wedding Cakes

Nude Wedding Cake


Video - Amazing Movie Poster Wedding Invites

Posted by Rachel Donnelly in Ideas and Inspiration Photography Video on August 16, 2013

Southern California couple Joshua and Rachel Watson took inspiration from their favorite films and TV shows when they crafted the invitations for their June 1st wedding. With the help of their photographer friend Jordan Nakamura, the couple inserted themselves into posters for films such as, "Casablanca," "Inception" and "Mad Men," and then sent guests a DVD case with one of the posters as the cover and a CD of their favorite music inside.

Joshua, a photographer, said that he and Rachel, who works in film and television, felt "burnt out" with traditional wedding and engagement photography. "We wanted our engagement and wedding to be the first time we actually collaborated and created something together, and decided to produce this."

What a great idea! Check out some of their movie poster invites in the video below.


6 Wedding Traditions It’s OK To Skip!

Posted by Rachel Donnelly in Ideas and Inspiration Quick Tip on July 02, 2013

Gone are the days of the traditional big white wedding. Today it’s all about personalisation, and trying to accurately represent the couple’s personalities, interests and beliefs. There are many popular traditions that can occur at weddings, however, there are also no hard and fast rules about what you must do, or what is expected. It’s up to you whether you want to do some, all or none. One of the easiest ways to make your wedding feel more you is to leave out the traditional parts that don't really match up with your ideals or preferences. So, without further ado, here are some traditions it’s definitely ok to skip!

1. The white dress

Don’t feel constrained by the feeling you need to wear a white dress because it seems like the “right” thing to do! Many brides just don’t like white or would rather wear something that more closely reflects their personality. These days brides are wearing everything from nude to red, and cream to black!

2. Traditional “Wedding” Music

Wedding day stalwarts Canon and Bridal Chorus have long been the musical favourites of those hoping to keep their day traditional. However, since your wedding is all about you, don’t be afraid to mix it up and include a lively and or funky number here and there instead!

3. Having your dad walk you down the aisle

While some brides (and dads!) love this tradition, many brides may be uncomfortable with this or perhaps just don't have great relationships with their fathers. So whether you want to walk with your dad, both your parents, a friend, or even on your own, that’s entirely your own choice. 

4. The wedding cake

Who said your wedding dessert has to be cake?! If you're all about pie, or can’t resist a cupcake then feel free to serve that instead. 

5. The first dance

If there’s music at your wedding, there will inevitably be dancing. Some couples may not be the dancing type, others may not like to be the centre of attention. An easy fix here is have the DJ invite everyone to join you on the dancefloor for the your first dance. This way, not only is the attention not on you, but makes everyone feel like they’re a proper part of your celebration.

6. The garter toss

Not comfortable with the idea of flashing some leg at your wedding? No worries; you can just skip this moment entirely! Often tossing the bouquet is also omitted, as sometimes single guests may not be comfortable with this tradition. Nobody will even notice they didn’t happen!


How To Entertain Children At Your Wedding

Posted by Rachel Donnelly in How To Ideas and Inspiration on May 28, 2013

Children can add a real sense of fun to your wedding, and many brides and grooms may like to have their own or guest’s children involved in their day. But, it’s worth remembering that even the most well behaved child can become disruptive when tired or bored. Here are ten tips to make sure your wedding is both child friendly and fun for everyone involved. 

  1. Provide each child a goody bag containing items such as a puzzle, coloring book or some treats.

  2. At the reception have a ‘children’s table’ set to one side with crayons, pencils and paper, and ask all your young guests to draw a picture of the bride and groom. Not only will it keep the kids entertained but will also give the bride and groom a memento of the day.

  3. To help avoid cranky kids, make sure there is plenty of child-friendly food and natural fruit juice to hand at all times. Avoid artificial varieties, which will make already excited children even more hyper!

  4. Ask the photographer to take a picture of the bride and groom with all the children present. It will help to make the children feel special and important.

  5. Ask your DJ to play some children’s songs at the beginning of the evening – dancing should tire out any stubborn sleepers in no time!

  6. If you have invited a lot of children and your venue has plenty of outside space, take advantage by organising a treasure hunt or some outside games or crafts.

  7. A children’s entertainer can be a godsend for keeping the kids both engaged and entertained. Often magicians and caricaturists will double up as entertainers for younger guests too, so it may be worth enquiring about if you intend to hire one.

  8. During the meal it might be easier to have a children’s table set up with picnic or finger type food including chips and cocktail sausages, mini burgers or sandwiches – perhaps a teenage relative or a family friend could sit with them and supervise.

  9. If your guests include older children, consider setting up a small room with computer games, board games and a TV if possible.

  10. Make sure you involve children in dancing and games at your reception. They will love to feel important and as if they’re helping out on your special day!


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