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First Things First

Posted by Rachel Donnelly in How To on June 26, 2012

Getting engaged can be one of the most memorable and exciting moments in your life. You’ve met your life partner; the man or woman of your dreams, you’ve decided to get married and celebrate your love and commitment along with your family and friends. But planning your wedding can be one of the most overwhelming and exhausting things you’ll do too. But it doesn’t have to be that way. With careful preparation and organisation, planning your wedding from start to finish does not need to be a challenge. 

As you begin to plan for your big day, you’ll still feel immense anticipation and excitement, but you may also experience confusion, worry, stress, or even frustration. After all, planning all aspects and areas of a wedding and reception is no easy feat. There will be questions and worries about everything and anything imaginable: from the dress to the meal, the guest list to catering, flowers, venue, music, photography… the list is endless! Setting a date that suits you, hoping your preferred venue has that date available… Whether to have a summer wedding or winter wedding… These are just some of the issues that will have to be decided, and issues that will also have to be constrained within your budget. 

And while the stress of planning your wedding make take over your life for a few months, remember what this day is really about - a celebration of love, and a day to remember in the company of your family and friends. Mistakes will be made, disappointments will be experienced, and not everything will go exactly to plan. But stay focused, keep organised, be flexible, and plan ahead – planning is the key to the success of your big day. 

  • Create checklists for keeping track of what needs to be done
  • Consider creating a timetable for events leading up to the wedding
  • Start making a list of phone numbers – venues, florists, caterers, photographers



















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