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How To Thursday - Choosing An Engagement Ring

Posted by Darren Dunne in How To on May 15, 2014

How To Thursday brings you Do it Yourself Advice for Your Wedding Day.

This week is Choosing Your Engagement Ring.

Traditionally, a man gets down on one knee, ring in hand, and proposes. Today, many forward-thinking women have been known to propose, and often, couples jointly decide to become husband and wife. But, where proposals occur, rings are needed, and it pays to know a few things about rings first.

  1. Set a Budget - Have a sense of what you can afford before you visit any jewellers. Don’t visit jewellers without a price in mind - you will inevitably find a ring you absolutely love but just can’t afford. Save yourself disappointment by letting your jeweller know your price range and they will be able to show you a selection of rings that are best suited to your budget.

  1. Use a Trusted Jeweller - Use recommendations to find a jeweller you know to be honest and fair. Expensive doesn't necessarily mean ideal, so look for a store that makes you feel comfortable, where the staff are pleasant and helpful, and where the advice they provide appeals to you. Be sure to look for somewhere that fits within your budget range, as to avoid the inevitable disappointment at finding something that would be "just perfect if it didn't cost so much".

  1. Select a Cut - Diamonds tend to be the traditional engagement ring choice, because they are enduring, and match everything. Only buy a different gemstone if you know that your girlfriend prefers it to diamonds or has expressed her dislike of diamonds. There are different ways to cut a diamond and the type of cut impacts the sparkle of the diamond. The cut that produces the most sparkle is the round (or brilliant) cut, while radiant and princess cuts are good at hiding flaws. Other cuts include square, emerald, pear, marquise, cushion and heart-shaped.

  1. Practicality - If your girlfriend loves the outdoors, consider a ring that is able to cope with the wear and tear of activities. The higher the positioning of the gemstone on the ring, the easier it is for it to get caught on clothes, gear, or hair, and the greater likelihood that it'll get damaged. It might be a good idea to look for a lower gemstone setting for an active girl, and a higher setting for a glamorous fashionista.

  2. Durability - Durability of the band is important, as constant rubbing and knocking from daily activities will eventually wear down the band. If your budget allows it, platinum is the preferred choice for wedding bands as it is more durable than gold. Titanium and steel are also quite resistant, while the purer the gold, the softer it is and more prone to wear and damage.

  1. Know The Lingo - Be familiar with the terms that you'll hear while shopping for a ring. Giving the impression that you know what you're looking for will increase your confidence and help you to ward off any disreputable ring sellers. Words you should know include “band”, “setting”, “gemstone”, and of course The 4 C’s of diamonds - cut, clarity, colour, and carat. For more information on the 4 C's, click here.

  1. Finally, perhaps look for a unique or unusual ring. An engagement ring is no ordinary ring; it’s the ring your partner will treasure and wear most days for the rest of your life together. They will appreciate the thought and effort you put into finding a distinctive and special piece of jewellery.

That’s this weeks How to Thursday, hope you enjoyed it and make sure to check back every week more advice for your big day.


How To Thursday - Writing The Best Man's Speech

Posted by Darren Dunne in How To on May 08, 2014

How To Thursday brings you Do it Yourself Advice for Your Wedding Day

This week is How to Write A Best Man’s Speech.

Did you know the term “best man” dates back to the times when Scotsmen kidnapped their future brides? The friend of the groom who had excelled at the abduction was acclaimed to be the best man.

As the best man, it’s your duty to get up in front of a large crowd and toast the bride and groom. It’s up to you to get it right and not embarrass the couple, bore the guests or ruin the day. No pressure! Writing a great best man speech isn’t as hard as it looks though. A little patience, creativity, humour and charm is really all you need to craft the perfect speech and wish the couple all the best on their big day. Here are some pointers to help get you started.

The Beginning

Start off by introducing yourself, as not everyone in the room will know who you are. You might say:

"Excuse me everyone, if I could have your attention for a moment. I'd like to take a few moments to say a few words about our bride and groom. I'm John Smith, Patrick's best man and long time good friend".


“Excuse me everyone, if I could have your attention please. I have prepared a few words about the bride and groom. My name is John Smith and I’m Bob’s best man and brother/son/uncle”.

A quick joke, quote about marriage or even a few lines of a poem is a great way to get people's attention. However, before you get too far into your speech, remember to thank the people hosting (usually the parents of the bride). If the bride and groom are paying for the wedding themselves, simply say:

"We're all delighted to be here today on this joyous occasion."

The Middle

Here is where you should tell a funny story about the bride and groom, give your thoughts on love and marriage, tell the story of how they met, or talk about how you've seen them change throughout their relationship. Try not to talk too long as people will start to get bored. Your speech should usually take no more than 5 minutes.

Remember, you’re addressing grandparents as well as children, close and distant friends, the couple’s relatives, and perhaps a mix of traditional and more liberal people – so keep your speech clean, free of private jokes, references, and also bad language.

Finally, don’t forget to elaborate on the groom’s virtues. For example, talk about his loyalty, compassion, or ways in which he proved to be a great friend to you. Tell the guests that you know how much he loves the bride and that he’ll make a great husband. Be honest and sincere – words from the heart mean more than any number of jokes.

The Close

It's tradition to finish your toast with a wish, blessing, or a traditional toast. Raise your glass with resounding congratulations, or cheers and don't forget to drink to your own toast! Now enjoy the rest of the day!


How To Thursday - Fun Photo Props

Posted by Darren Dunne in How To on April 17, 2014

How To Thursday brings you Do it Yourself Advice for Your Wedding Day

This week is How to Make Your Own Fun Photo Props.

Photo Props are are great way to have to fun with the photos of your wedding, encouraging your guests to be a little bit silly and just enjoy themselves as your professional photographer or anyone with a camera captures the moments of your day. Photo Props will help you and your guests remember that an important part of your wedding day is to have fun and enjoy yourself.

What you’ll need:

- Printable Photo Props (Download them or if your creative draw your own)

- Pair of scissors

- Permanent adhesive or tape

- Sheets of cardstock

- Dowel rods cut to around 6 / 7 inches in length

- Stanley Knife


Download and print or draw the photo props on to the cardstock. Be creative, there is no limit to the number of fun things you could draw or print for your props.


Cut out the props using scissors and make use of the stanley knife for the cutting out the tricker shapes such as moustache, lips and heart-shaped glasses props etc.


Position the dowel rods near to the middle or edge of the cut out, and secure with a few drops of glue or adhesive tape.


Have Fun! Thats it, it couldn’t be easier.


How To Thursday - Chocolate Wedding Favours.

Posted by Darren Dunne in How To on April 10, 2014

How To Thursday brings you Do it Yourself Advice for Your Wedding Day


This week is How to Make Your Own Chocolate Wedding Favours.


Edible treats make for the best wedding favours. Even if your guests have eaten too much cake, they will still have room for these delicious homemade Chocolate Wedding Favours.


If you'd like to make your own Chocolate Wedding Favours here is what you need – 

- a microwave or double boiler
- several bowls and spoons
- chocolate moulds (plastic or metal)
- moulding chocolate
- small pouches or boxes
- ribbon and message cards


First find a chocolate that you feel suits your wedding theme. You can find these in confectionery and baking stores or websites like ebay, amazon or try cakescookiesandcarftshop.

Once have your mould a know what you want your favours to look like, and then you can start the best part, melting your chocolate. You can use chocolate chips or broken up chunks of chocolate, either way, use caution during melting because chocolate can scorch easily and that doesn't make for delicious wedding favours. Melt the chocolate in small batches in a microwave safe bowl in your microwave. You can also use a double boiler to melt the chocolate slowly over hot water.

Now pour the melted chocolate into your moulds. Don't overfill them because the chocolate will harden on the mould and this can make removing your chocolates a little difficult.

Make sure the chocolate is filling all of the crevices. If not, give the mould a soft few taps and that should solve the problem and remove all the air bubbles in the chocolate.

Place your filled moulds into the fridge and allow the chocolate to harden. When the chocolates are solid you can remove them from the moulds by gently trying to pop them out.

Now you can express your inner creativity and package your chocolate favours. You can purchase ribbon, drawstring pouches, tiny boxes, or other packaging at any good craft shops. Place one to three of the wedding favours inside the box or pouch. Tie ribbon around the box or to the pouch and why not add personalized tag to each one just in case your friends and family forget whose wedding they are at.

Make sure you keep the filled packages in a fridge to prevent your lovey new chocolates from melting before the big day.


Bonus Tip!

Why not try using different chocolate types like milk, dark and white. You can even add a small drop of food colouring to white chocolate to make it match your wedding theme.

And why not use some modelling sticks form a craft shop to make fantastic little wedding themed chocolate lollipops.


Getting Started with Snappy Ever After

Posted by Brenda Coleman in How To on March 12, 2014

Snappy Ever After brings you the opportunity to build your own wedding app. A customizable fun new way that allows you to capture all the photos that your guests take on their smartphones.

How does Snappy Ever After work? It’s as simple as:

  1. Style your own App
  2. Your Guests to Take pictures on your wedding day.
  3. View and publish your Snaps.


About SnappyEverAfter

Snappy Ever After is a photo sharing app for your wedding. It allows you to create a fun collection of ‘unmissable’ wedding moments with a little help from your friends, their mobile phones and your own Snappy Ever After app.

Snappy Ever After is available for iPhone and Android. It can be personalised to match your wedding theme. Sign up for free and find out more!