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How To Thursday - How To Entertain Children At Your Wedding

Posted by Darren Dunne in How To on June 26, 2014

How To Thursday brings you Do it Yourself Advice for Your Wedding Day.

This week is How to How To Entertain Children At Your Wedding.

Children can add a real sense of fun to your wedding, and many brides and grooms may like to have their own or guest’s children involved in their day. But, it’s worth remembering that even the most well behaved child can become disruptive when tired or bored. Here are ten tips to make sure your wedding is both child friendly and fun for everyone involved. 

  1. Provide each child a goody bag containing items such as a puzzle, coloring book or some treats.

  2. At the reception have a ‘children’s table’ set to one side with crayons, pencils and paper, and ask all your young guests to draw a picture of the bride and groom. Not only will it keep the kids entertained but will also give the bride and groom a memento of the day.

  3. To help avoid cranky kids, make sure there is plenty of child-friendly food and natural fruit juice to hand at all times. Avoid artificial varieties, which will make already excited children even more hyper!

  4. Ask the photographer to take a picture of the bride and groom with all the children present. It will help to make the children feel special and important.

  5. Ask your DJ to play some children’s songs at the beginning of the evening – dancing should tire out any stubborn sleepers in no time!

  6. If you have invited a lot of children and your venue has plenty of outside space, take advantage by organising a treasure hunt or some outside games or crafts.

  7. A children’s entertainer can be a godsend for keeping the kids both engaged and entertained. Often magicians and caricaturists will double up as entertainers for younger guests too, so it may be worth enquiring about if you intend to hire one.

  8. During the meal it might be easier to have a children’s table set up with picnic or finger type food including chips and cocktail sausages, mini burgers or sandwiches – perhaps a teenage relative or a family friend could sit with them and supervise.

  9. If your guests include older children, consider setting up a small room with computer games, board games and a TV if possible.

  10. Make sure you involve children in dancing and games at your reception. They will love to feel important and as if they’re helping out on your special day!


How To Thursday - How To Add A Personalised Touch To Your Wedding

Posted by Darren Dunne in How To on June 12, 2014

How To Thursday brings you Do it Yourself Advice for Your Wedding Day.

This week is How To Add A Personalised Touch To Your Wedding

Instead of letting a wedding planner or catering consultant turn your wedding into another cookie cutter event, use your imagination and make your wedding a day to remember. Here are a few examples of areas you can add a personal touch to: 

You don’t have to use traditional formal invitations. What about using a cool origami style invite? Or try using coloured paper instead of traditional white. Calligraphy can look great instead of engraving, or if you have nice handwriting, a personal touch would certainly be appreciated by your guests. Did you fall in love while on vacation? How about printing the invitation on a postcard from the site of your meeting? Your favourite "couple" photo can also be a great choice for wedding invitations. It could also be the start of a tradition, with babies, anniversaries and other milestones marked by your own family photos.

Choose interesting music for your day. Yes, "Here Comes the Bride" is traditional but also very cliché. Pick songs that have real meaning for you both.

Instead of just calling a number of catering companies and trying to secure the best deal you can, why not call your favourite restaurant and see if they can provide your wedding food? It doesn't have to be a dinner. An early brunch after a morning ceremony, a light lunch, or an intimate dinner after a small private ceremony can be great opportunity to enjoy the food you love best. Do you love Italian or Indian food? Want a 100% vegan menu? The choice is yours.

Wedding Cake
The wedding cake is generally one of the highlights of the day, but it does not need to be tiered or even white! Use your imagination and design how you would like your cake to look. It can be any shape, size, colour or configuration. It can can be covered with real flowers, or even seashells made of icing. Let your imagination run wild!

Consider a dress of a different shape, length or colour to a traditional wedding dress! Your wedding doesn’t have to be a formal affair – have you considered asking your guests to come in fancy dress or even have casual dress wedding? Many of your guests might thank you for not having to buy expensive clothes for your wedding!

Themed Wedding
Consider a themed wedding. It is a perfect opportunity to incorporate your personalities and passions into your special day. Whether your dream is to be married on a beach on a simple sundress, have a glamorous old Hollywood affair, or even dress like a superhero, then go for it! The day is yours and the possibilities are endless!

Some couples love to include their children in their wedding, but others prefer to include their pets! Make your furry friend a part of your wedding, and be sure they get to dress up too. A custom collar to match your wedding theme could be a great way to get your pet involved in your big day.


How To Thursday - How To Make A Bridal Bouquet

Posted by Darren Dunne in How To on June 05, 2014

How To Thursday brings you Do it Yourself Advice for Your Wedding Day.

This week is How to How To Make A Bridal Bouquet.

Although creating your own flower arrangements for your wedding can be quite stressful, it can also be very rewarding.  Your creations will be unique and original, as well as matching exactly to your theme and expectations. Flowers are such a large focal point of any wedding, so wouldn’t it be great to decide exactly what all your guests will see? 

Well, you’re in luck. Flower arranging for weddings is not particularly difficult; it’s just very time consuming. Firstly you need to decide what exactly it is you’d like to design – weddings generally consist of the bride’s bouquet, bridesmaid’s flowers, buttonholes for the men, ceremonial flowers (pedestal and end of pew arrangements), and reception flowers (centrepieces). Then, you need to plan the colour scheme, shape, and sizes of your arrangements, and which flowers you’d like to use, as well as where will supply them. 

Many people may not want to take on this kind of responsibility, seeing as the arrangements need to be created the day before the wedding, and kept watered and refrigerated overnight for freshness. The last thing you want is wilting flowers on your wedding day! 

So, for those of you who may not want to design all your flower arrangements, but still want to leave a personalised horticultural stamp on your day, we have selected one arrangement that you might like to try, and one that will the centre of attention of the day – the bride’s bouquet. 


You Will Need

Flowers, scissors, floral tape, ribbon and pins.



1. Prepare the flowers - make sure all foliage/thorns has been removed from the stems. 

2. Same length stems - make sure that all stems are approximately the same length (anywhere from 10-14 inches).

3. Create the base - choose 2-4 flowers that will serve as an “anchor” that you will build around. Wrap the stems together with floral tape. Leave 1 to 1.5 inches of exposed stem visible from where you begin to wrap the stems and about 4 to 5 inches of exposed stem from the bottom. 

4. Build your bouquet – add flowers around your anchored flowers, creating a bunch. Mix colours textures and greenery to your personal preference, and continue wrapping the bouquet with floral tape as you add new flowers. 

5. Wrap with floral tape – when you’re happy with your arrangement, wrap the entire bouquet with floral tape. This keeps all the flowers in place and provides support for them. Start about 1 to 1 ½ inches from the flower heads, and leave some or none of the stems exposed at the end. This is all down to personal preference.

6. Wrap with ribbon – pin the ribbon to the floral tape under the flower heads, and wrap it around the stems down as far as where the floral tape ends. Pin the end of the ribbon to the floral tape to keep it in place.



Wedding Tip Wednesday

Posted by Darren Dunne in How To Wedding Tip Wednesday on May 28, 2014

It's #WeddingWednesday and that means we are going to give some helpful tips on planning your Wedding.  

This weeks Wedding Wednesday is What to Do if it Rains on Your Wedding Day.

You will be prepared for so many different aspects of your wedding day, down to the finest details, but weather is unreliable, not even the most organised of brides can predict what the weather is going to be like and most just hope for the best on their wedding day. But you shouldn’t let the rain spoil your wedding day, have a backup plan for if it does rain and you won’t have to worry about those gloomy looking grey clouds on your special day. So here are some tips to ensure you are prepared for the rain, just in case.

1. Always have a Plan B. Many brides and grooms dream of an outdoor wedding, but if you should always consider an indoor or sheltered alternative to avoid disappoint should the worst come to the worst. You should also make consideration for transport, perhaps the short walk to the venue from the ceremony will not seem so short in bad weather conditions.

2. Take extra care with your hair. Rain is terrible for your hair, even the most coiffed and hair-sprayed of manes.Talk to your hairstylist about making your style as secure as possible for your wedding day and ask them to show your mum or bridesmaid how to recover it if it starts to look a little windswept or frizzy.This may involve emergency supplies of hairspray, and hair straighteners close to hand.

3. Wear the right shoes. Don’t risk ruining your gorgeous wedding shoes on the way to the ceremony, having them splashed with water or mud and making yourself conscious of them for the rest of the day.Consider taking a pair of wellington boots which can even add a really fun look to your photos if the heavens open. And why not have a matching umbrella with those wellies to make sure your stay dry from head to toe.

4. What about your guests? It’s not only yourself you have to worry about if the weather is wet on your wedding day.Think about your guests and how are they going to keep warm and dry. Provide umbrellas for your soggy guests, that way your guests stay dry but this way you can choose the color of the umbrellas and make sure they match your wedding theme.

5. Enjoy Your Day. The very best advice is to ensure that you keep things in perspective and enjoy the day as a whole. Whether you are met with showers and storms or glorious sunshine on your wedding day, your day will be perfect no matter what, so long as you’re in the right mindset. It’s also worth knowing that a rainy wedding day is actually considered lucky in some cultures. Plus every time it rains after your big day, it will be a nice reminder of the happiest day of your life.


How To Thursday - Cut Your Wedding Costs

Posted by Darren Dunne in How To on May 22, 2014

How To Thursday brings you Do it Yourself Advice for Your Wedding Day.

This week is How to Cut the Cost of Your Wedding Day.

Did you know that the average cost for a wedding day was €24,000 in 2013? To some that may seem like a lot of money to spend on a wedding day but you don't need to spend that much for a great day. If you're clever and a little creative, there are great ways to trim some of that cost and still have a fabulous wedding day.

  1. Cut back on the guest list - the bigger your guest list, the higher the expenses. Reducing the amount of guests will reduce the cost of food, reception, and favours.
  2. Choose an off-season date - consider having your wedding on a weekday or during an off-season period such as the winter months. There is less demand and therefore less cost involved. 
  3. Budget and Prioritise – create a list of the highest and lowest costs for all aspects of your wedding (catering, flowers, photography, entertainment, rental fees etc). When deciding which areas to cut down on, you can refer to this list.
  4. DIY Invitations – Wedding invites can be created easily and cheaply using a computer or good old cut and stick methods. 
  5. Haggle! – Negotiate with wedding vendors (reception and catering for example) and try to reduce the price or add extra services for little to no extra cost.
  6. DIY Centrepieces - votive candles with mirror bases, and flowers floating in glass bowls can make simple, yet elegant and budget-friendly centrepieces. Silk flowers are also cheaper than real flowers.
  7. DIY Place/Name Cards – like the invitations, place/name cards can be easily made using a computer and a good printer, or crafted by hand using cheaply bought materials such as coloured card, ribbon, fabric, and buttons.
  8. Family Favours - ask friends and family members to provide services. Many people are more than happy to help with catering, photography, makeup and hairstyling, or entertainment on your wedding day.
  9. Provide a Buffet - Family-style buffets are more budget-friendly, as well as less formal than sit-down dinners. As well as keeping the cost down, it might create more conversation among your guests.
  10. Buy bridesmaid dresses off-season- bridal shops often offer a clearance rack of bridesmaid dresses from the previous season with large discounts. Many department stores also offer bridesmaid style dresses, just without the bridal shop price tag. 
  11. Make your own favours- create simple favours, such as bags of candy or little jars of homemade goodies with a monogrammed ribbon. Simple homemade touches are often more appreciated than expensive gifts.


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