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Wedding Disaster #11 - Not A Good Start

Posted by Rachel Donnelly in Funny Video on September 15, 2012

And this is why a bride's feet should stay firmly planted on the ground...


Wedding Disaster #10 - Timberrr!!

Posted by Rachel Donnelly in Funny Video on September 08, 2012

Ok, now I just feel bad...


Wedding Disaster #9 - No Pets Allowed

Posted by Rachel Donnelly in Funny Video on September 01, 2012

It may be a good idea to not inlcude animals in your wedding ceremony...


Wedding Disaster #8 - Swingers

Posted by Rachel Donnelly in Funny Video on August 25, 2012

It might be a good idea to avoid playgrounds on your wedding day...


The Weird and Wonderful World of Weddings - Record Breakers 2

Posted by Rachel Donnelly in Facts Funny on August 24, 2012

Here are a few more facts that put the average wedding to shame! 

  • The world’s most expensive wedding dress was especially created for the Luxury Brands Lifestyle Bridal Show in Marina del Rey,California. The dress is worth $12 million, and contains 150 carats’ worth of diamonds. 
  • The oldest bridesmaid on record is 105-year-old Edith Gulliford, who attended the wedding of Kyra Harwood and James Lucas at Commissioner's House inChatham,UK. 
  • The world’s most expensive wedding was that of Vanisha Mittal, daughter of billionaire Lakshmi Mittal, to investment banker Amit Bhatia. The six day event is the only private event to have ever been held at the palace at Versailles, and cost the bride's father $55 million. 
  • The longest train on a wedding dress is 1.86 miles (3km), and was worn by Italian bride Elena De Angelis at her wedding in Casal di Principe, Naplesin September 2011. A group of 600 people were drafted in to help carry her train. 
  • The largest dog "wedding" ceremony included 178 dog pairs at the Aspen Grove Lifestyle Center's "Bow Wow Vows" event in Littleton, Colorado, in 2007. 
  • The most expensive piece of wedding cake was bought for $29,900 and is 75 years old. It came from the Duke and Duchess of Windsor's wedding in 1937, and was purchased at auction at Sotheby's in 1998. 
  • The largest underwater wedding took place in 2010 between Francesca Colombi and Giampiero Giannoccaro. It included 261 divers and took place at the Morcone beach, Capoliveri, Elba Island, Italy. 
  • The largest wedding bouquet measured over 197 ft long and was made using 1,500 flowers



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