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Miley Cyrus Loves Her Engagement Ring

Posted by Rachel Donnelly in Celebrity News on August 09, 2012

Miley Cyrus is deleighted with her engagement ring. And why shouldn't she be! The beautiful Neil Lane ring, co-designed by her finacé Liam Hemsworth, was reportedly created in a “bohemian” style, and boasts a diamond-cut design set in an 18-karat gold band. The main diamond in Miley's ring dates back to the late 1800s, and remains in its original and unique hand-cut state.

The bride-to-be gushed about the fancy 3.5 carat diamond ring to magazine Marie Claire:

"I had no input. We’d been kind of talking about getting engaged, and I saw something like it online at one point and thought it was really pretty, but I usually wear rose gold. I just love that it’s old and has a story. And I’m happy because it doesn’t look like anything else I wear."

What a lucky girl!


Natalie Portman Marries

Posted by Rachel Donnelly in Celebrity News on August 05, 2012

Natalie Portman married her fiancé of two years, French dancer and choreographer Benjamin Millepied, on Saturday.

She said "I do" surrounded by family and friends in an after dark Jewish ceremony at a private home at Big Sur, California.

Natalie first met Millepied on the set of Black Swan in 2009 when he worked as a choreographer on the film. The two started dating during the shoot and announced their engagement in December 2010. 

- image via justjared


How Jessica Biel Calms Her Pre-Wedding Nerves

Posted by Rachel Donnelly in Celebrity News Quick Tip on August 01, 2012

Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake got engaged earlier this year, and while both have remained fairly quiet on their wedding plans so far, a ceremony is expected this summer.

Despite her celebrity status and star power, Jessica isn’t immune to any bride-to-be pre-wedding jitters, and recently shared how exactly she's staying calm before her big day:

“I like being able to write when I find the time to get into it. I love reading poetry and I’ve written poetry myself since I was in school. It’s very calming and spiritual to be able to get in touch with emotions and states of mind to write poetry.”

What a great idea! Not only is writing a great way to express how you feel, but your pre-wedding diary will also become a treasured keepsake for you to read over in years to come!

- photo via Us Magazine


A New Engagement Ring For Kim Kardashian?

Posted by Rachel Donnelly in Celebrity News on July 30, 2012

Is that the sound of wedding bells again (so soon) for Kim Kardashian?!

Reports are circulating that Kanye West plans on proposing to Kim after her divorce with Kris Humphries is finalised. (Wow, Kanye wastes no time!)

AND, he's planning on crafting the ring with his late mother Donda's diamond earrings and ruby ring. 

A source reveals:

"Donda was such an important person in Kanye’s life, he thought the world of her and was devastated when she died. So, he kept all her jewelry as keepsakes - a lot of the pieces were items he bought over the years after he made it as a hip-hop star. And now, Kanye has found a woman he respects and loves just as much as his mom, so he wants to share her jewelry collection with Kim."

A heartfelt sentiment, or a bad idea, what do you think?

-photo via PopCrush


Kate Middleton's Wedding Dress Makes Millions!

Posted by Rachel Donnelly in Celebrity News Fashion on July 19, 2012

Kate Middleton's wedding dress has made the Royal Family a whopping £10 million in ticket sales, after becoming the main attraction of a Buckingham Palace exhibition last year.

Kate Middleton's Sarah Burton-designed Alexander McQueen wedding dress went on display for 73 days at Buckingham Palace and was seen by a total of 626,678 people, a figure Royal Collection director Jonathan Marsden called "unprecedented".

Visitors also got to see the Duchess's Robinson Pelham diamond earrings (a wedding day gift from her parents), as well as her handmade silk shoes, a replica of her wedding cake, and even the Cartier tiara she borrowed from the Queen.

The Queen famously described the headless mannequin that displayed the wedding dress as 'horrid', and 'very creepy' as she accompanied the Duchess on a private tour of the exhibition before its public opening.

We guess not everybody thought so!


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