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Mike Tyson Wedding Photobomb

Posted by Rachel Donnelly in Celebrity News Funny on August 29, 2013

A bride and groom's wedding in New York got interesting after former boxing world champion Mike Tyson came across the wedding party posing for pictures.

The Brooklyn-born boxer was crossing the lawn of the Turning Stone Resort Casino in Verona, New York state, as Greg and Amber Keller were posing for photographs with their bridesmaids and groomsmen on Friday.

Mr Keller said Tyson posed for photographs and congratulated the happy couple on their marriage and was "extremely nice".

Tyson, 47, was in Verona for his first promotional fight card featuring boxers from his newly created "Iron Mike Productions".

- Image via Sky News


Video - Celebrity Filled Best Man Tribute to Couple

Posted by Rachel Donnelly in Celebrity News Funny Video on July 03, 2013
In days gone by, all the best man had to do at a wedding was to ensure the groom didn’t get ridiculously drunk and make a few jokes at his expense, but Down man Stephen Henning has raised the bar for best men everywhere and he’s raised it very high indeed.

Stephen’s brother Michael married Victoria last Friday and as a tribute to the couple, Stephen broadcast a video of messages from celebrities that he had been compiling since the start of the year. He sent each celebrity a request to follow him on Twitter so he could send each a direct message to ask them to help out with the video.

Not expecting it to work, considering how many requests celebrities get, Stephen eventually ended up with recorded messages from a whole host of celebrities and sports personalities including: Graeme McDowell, Stephen Ferris, Jonny Evans, Rory Best, Eamonn Holmes, Ash, Chris O’Dowd, and comedian John Bishop, as well as many more. He then edited them into a ten minute long video of best wishes and congratualtions for the happy couple.

He's certainly raised the bar for best man tributes in the future!


Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie Set Wedding Date

Posted by Rachel Donnelly in Celebrity News on June 28, 2013

In 2006, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie announced that they would not marry until everyone in theUnited States legally could. On June 26, the Supreme Court struck down the Defense of Marriage Act and ruled against Prop 8, therefore reinstating gay marriage in California. Not only can same-sex couples now be married again in California, but may also receive federal benefits.

This monumental change has delighted both brad and Angelina and it now appears as though Hollywood’s most powerful couple will walk down the aisle before the end of 2013! 

- Image via People


Elizabeth Taylor's first wedding dress sells for over £120,000

Posted by Rachel Donnelly in Celebrity News Fashion on June 27, 2013

The gown that late actress Elizabeth Taylor wore to marry Conrad Hilton Jr in 1950 was estimated to sell for between £30,000 and £50,000 by Christie's of London. The auction, however, exceeded its maximum estimated value by more than two and a half times. 

The gown was designed by legendary costume designer Helen Rose for the then-18-year-old bride as a gift from Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, the film studio under which Taylor was contracted, and was inspired by the wedding gown which the actress wore in the 1950 film "Father of the Bride". 

It is estimated that the gown took fifteen seamstresses three months to complete, and is made of 25 yards of shell-white satin sprinkled with bugle beads and pearls, 15 yards of satin train, and an inbuilt corset which cinched Taylor's waist to a tiny 20 inches for the day. The matching veil is made of 10 yards of shimmering silk illusion net attached to a pearl-covered Juliet cap. 

"The dress is inextricably tied to the Golden Age of Hollywood, as well as to the extraordinary life and career of the star who wore it," said Christie's director Nicolette Tomkinson. "Since it was unveiled, it has attained global appreciation, resulting in competitive bidding for it today."


Elizabeth Taylor and Conrad Hilton Jr on their wedding day

 - Image via Telegraph


New Wedding Trend - Ring Tattoos

Posted by Rachel Donnelly in Celebrity News Fashion on August 13, 2012

It’s an age old tradition that the bride and groom exchange rings at a their ceremony to symbolise their love for each other, but now it seems as though rings are out and ring tattoos are in.

Ex X-Factor contestant Katie Waissel announced her engagement to model Brad Alphonso recently and tweeted a picture of their hands with a heart tattooed on their ring fingers. The tattoo trend is also being followed by tennis star Kim Clijsters, who revealed her ring tattoo at Wimbledon. Similarly, actress Billie Piper has her husband's name tattooed on her ring finger.

So why the sudden disinterest in wedding rings? More expensive, yes. The possiblilty of losing it, yes. But they are pain free!

While ring tattoos may seem like a good idea, and a much cheaper alternative to a traditional ring (with no chance of ever losing it!), they could potentially turn into a fad that will look quite unfashionable in years to come. Also, don't forget that tattoos are permanent, so think before you ink!

Bold fashion statement or bad idea - what do you think?


Katie Waissel and Brad Alphonso's ring tattoos 

- photo via Steven Stone Jewellers

Kim Clijsters sports a "B" on her ring finger for her husband Brian Lynch

- photo via tennisforum


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