Thanks for stopping by at Langtons House

Posted by Darren Dunne in Wedding Fairs & Shows on February 24, 2014

Hi to everyone we met at the Langton House Hotel wedding showcase on Sunday and thanks for such excited interest and positive comments. We look forward to all you lovely brides and grooms using Snappy Ever After at your wedding.

Be sure to keep your eyes on our blog and like us on Facebook to find out where you can meet us next.

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Thanks again!


Snappy Ever After and your Wedding Day

Posted by Rachel Donnelly in Photography on February 20, 2014

The dress, the cake, the guests, the food, the entertainment...the list is endless! There’s so much to plan for a wedding, but the most important part of all is remembering everything once the big day is over. Photography plays a vital part in any wedding ceremony, and capturing the perfect set of memories is of the utmost importance to the couple. Usually the bride and groom are so busy that they’ll end up missing a large part of their own celebration, and this is where family and friends can step in and help to create a comprehensive wedding gallery for the couple to treasure long after the event is over. 

Photography is a hugely important aspect of any occasion, not just weddings. Everyone loves to look at photographs, and everyone wants to remember their day, no matter what occasion it happens to be. Photography is the medium through which memories live on, and no event is complete unless it’s thoroughly documented through pictures. In the case of weddings, it is important to have a professional photographer on hand to take the formal “posed” shots, however, it is the spontaneous candids that can often be the more memorable photos, and can really make the day for the bride and groom. These are the photos from behind the scenes, the unplanned, impromptu, but often well timed shots that will have the couple and guests still giggling for years to come. 

So, it’s important for guests to help the couple. Many will bring their own camera. Others may use a simple disposable camera. Some may just have their phone. But during a wedding ceremony, everyone is a photographer. Any shot could contain a precious moment worth treasuring forever. Equipment is not an issue here, and photography transcends the barrier of expense. Any camera or camera-bearing device has the potential to capture a perfect picture or fill in a missed moment. Through collective photography, guests can amass a photographic timeline representing all parts of the day, from many different angles and viewpoints, and make sure that the couple doesn’t miss any moment of their big day.

For wedding memories and laughter choose Snappy Ever After.


Snappy Ever After Update

Posted by Brenda Coleman on February 04, 2014

Attention, brides and grooms to be!

If you're getting married soon, or even just in the planning stages, then Snappy Ever After is the app for you.

Snappy Ever After is a photo sharing app with a twist. Not only does it allow you to create an amazing collection of unmissable wedding moments, it can be fully personalised to suit your wedding theme. The app can be downloaded by you and all your wedding guests, and styled with pre-existing themes, or with your own personal photos. You can then choose frames and fonts to add to your photos and create the perfect wedding photo gallery!

Snappy Ever After is a super handy app that fits right in your pocket, and it will be available free of charge for your guests on the Apple iPhone and all Android smart phones. It can be used to help you relive the memories of your big day through a little help from your guests, even if they have little or no photographic know how!

Guests can take an unlimited amount of pictures, which can be edited with effects, clip art, frames and fonts, and are then sent to a private Snappy Ever After database where they are safely stored. After the wedding, the happy couple can view the collection of photos that their guests have helped to create on the Dream Cube. They can curate their own online wedding gallery, choosing which snaps stay, and which embarassing shots must go! Finally, the couple can control the privacy of their photo collection, by granting viewing permissions on all, or subsets of pictures, as well as the people that get to see them. Photos can then be shared through Facebook and other social media outlets.

Think of Snappy Ever After as the unofficial photographer at your wedding. It's a little app with big possibilites, and ensures you'll never miss a moment of your big day!


More Tips For Choosing A Wedding Dress

Posted by Rachel Donnelly in How To Quick Tip on September 03, 2013

Buying a wedding dress is not an easy task. There are so many types, shapes and colours that you may end up feeling completely overwhelmed when you begin to shop. So here is the second part of our “how to buy a wedding dress” guide with some tips and advice keep you calm and enjoy the experience of choosing your dream gown. 

1. Remember, unlike other typical clothing stores, many wedding gown stores will not often have the dresses in your size. You may be making a decision based on a dress which is too large or too small and will definitely need to be altered. This is where deciding on a silhouette beforehand can help you. If you know that a certain type of dress is flattering to your figure, it's easier to take the plunge when you're standing in a dress miles too big with huge clips in the back and trying to imagine how the correct size will look. 

2. It’s your wedding day so you can do what you like and wear what you like. Don’t choose a dress to suit others or wear what your mother thought was the best option! The shape, length and colour are all your choice – just wear what you feel most comfortable in on the day, and what you would like to look back on in years to come and be happy to have worn. 

3. Wedding dresses are typically sold by designer and style number, so note which designers you like and the style numbers - this can help you find similar styles that may be more affordable than the exact dress you want. 

4. If you feel you’re at your most beautiful in a particular dress then buy it! No matter what style of wedding you are having or how long before your wedding, if you feel beautiful in it you will shine on your day. 

5. Consider is renting a dress. This can be a far more affordable way to get yourself a fantastic dress (for the day). The other bonus is not having to clean, store, or ever deal with it again. Men rent suits all the time so why not?! 

6. If your budget allows and you’re lucky enough to have a master seamstress as a good friend then perhaps you could make a dress from scratch. It requires a lot of planning, fittings and expensive material. But, you’re getting exactly the dress the want. 

7. Another option is to modify a dress. Perhaps your mother or another family member or friend still has their dress in storage. Again, if your budget allows, or you know a seamstress you may be able to modify an older dress. With the right know how a size 16 dress could easily be turned into a 10, and the choice of fabrics and embellishments to add will be entirely your choice. 

8. If money is an issue or you just don’t want to spend a fortune on a dress for one day it may be worth looking in thrift stores or charity shops. You may find a dress at a great price that can be altered to suit your taste.


Mike Tyson Wedding Photobomb

Posted by Rachel Donnelly in Celebrity News Funny on August 29, 2013

A bride and groom's wedding in New York got interesting after former boxing world champion Mike Tyson came across the wedding party posing for pictures.

The Brooklyn-born boxer was crossing the lawn of the Turning Stone Resort Casino in Verona, New York state, as Greg and Amber Keller were posing for photographs with their bridesmaids and groomsmen on Friday.

Mr Keller said Tyson posed for photographs and congratulated the happy couple on their marriage and was "extremely nice".

Tyson, 47, was in Verona for his first promotional fight card featuring boxers from his newly created "Iron Mike Productions".

- Image via Sky News


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